Call for Special Sessions

The goal of special sessions (5-6 papers) and special tracks (at least two sessions) is to provide focused discussions on new topics or innovative applications. Each prospective session/track organizer must submit a proposal, including the title of the session, a short description and the organizer name. Please contact us as soon as possible to help you in the organization of your special session. 

All submitted papers undergo the same review process, and submission to proposed sessions is not a guarantee of acceptance.

To sumbit your proposal, please fill in the form inside the following MS Word file, convert it as PDF, and upload the generated PDF to the PaperCept Conference Management System at: (click on the CoDIT 2023 link “Submit a special session to CoDIT 2023” and follow the steps.)

The proposals should be submitted before December 10, 2022.

Click on the icon to download the template.